Are you an employer or business bringing yourself
into compliance with workplace or privacy laws?

Call Diana Maier or Beth Arnese for 15 minutes of complimentary legal advice about your employment law or privacy law concerns.

(Please note that this offer does not apply to employees/individuals).


Diana: 415-515-1707

Beth: 415-283-8970



Diana is an excellent attorney and a skilled and effective counselor. I've had the privilege of working with her on more than one occasion, and I have been thoroughly impressed with how her global thinking and practical application have protected her clients' interests and left them satisfied with the level of personal service and attention their businesses have received.

Gregory Grinberg, Owner of Law Offices of Gregory Grinberg

Diana is one of the smartest and most caring attorneys I've encountered. It's a rare combination to excel in both smarts and understanding. I'm an attorney, so I encounter a lot. Whenever I have an employment law question or issue that I can't handle, I think of her first, and will recommend her to friends looking for an employment attorney.

She is an engaged listener, is incredibly empathetic, and will give you her expert analysis in plan English, making recommendations about how best to handle your situation without jeopardizing your job or your future.

Larry Haveson, Of Counsel at Moscone Emblidge & Otis LLP

I have known and worked with Diana for years. She is a consummate professional with impeccable expertise in employment and data privacy matters and deep integrity. She is also immensely effective in expressing that fine art of lawyering that comes from balancing clients' pragmatic business needs with the law.

Alan Lewis, Executive Level Commercial and Corporate Counsel

Diana's zeal in representing her clients is impressive. She brings to lawyering as much professionalism as she does compassion for the situation and needs of her clients. The Bar needs more attorneys like her.

Scott Cole, Principal/Attorney at Scott Cole & Associates, APC

I came to know Diana during the summer of 2010 while I worked as a law clerk in her office. Over the last few years we have maintained close professional contact. Diana truly loves what she does. Her energetic nature is infectious, making her a pleasure to work with for both clients and attorneys. She is consistently detail-oriented, responsive, customer-service driven and committed to getting positive results. While working in her office, I had the opportunity to witness Diana in action in high-pressure, confrontational situations. She has the invaluable quality of being able to maintain her composure while fiercely advocating for her clients. She is a dynamic public speaker and a natural teacher. She has the keen ability to break down the law and translate it in a manner that is accessible for clients. Moreover, Diana takes it upon herself to be a mentor to her law clerks and younger members of the legal community. I believe that these actions speak highly of her character. Diana is a consummate professional. I highly recommend her.

Leslie Fales, Associate at Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman

Diana is a fantastic resource with expert knowledge of employment law from both the employer and the employee perspectives. She recently made a well-informed presentation to our group of non-profit employment service providers and helped us better understand criminal background checks as well as how to help our clients address them. I would highly recommend Diana’s services to anyone in need of assistance with employment law matters.

Matthew A. Poland, Employment Coordinator, PEP Jobs

I attended Diana’s workshop on employees v. contractors which was absolutely first-rate. As a small business owner I needed to understand how to correctly hire my staff and Diana’s talk and subsequent counsel on the topic was excellent. She also helped me draft an agreement to give to the independent contractors who provide services in my shop. In short, she raised critical legal issues I would not have thought of, and made me feel confident that our legal bases were covered.

Mary Loveland, Owner of Indigo Wellness Center

I used Diana’s services when I was anticipating maternity leave and needed to change the shape of my business. I wanted to be sure I was legally compliant in doing so and sought Diana’s advice. Diana gave me great input on hiring staff, drafting a contractor agreement, and she continually checked in with me to make sure all my bases were covered in the legal arena. She gave me a great deal too! Diana is extremely caring and I truly felt she was invested in the legal health of my business. Thank you!

Felicia Gelardi, Owner of Felicia Gelardi Skin Care